It was like any other night as I lay in bed waiting for sleep to gently cover me for the night.  The crickets were loud and in sync as they sang their night song while mom and the television provided some comforting sounds in the background.  While I liked having the window open and the gentle night breeze, I was not a fan of the crickets; their music made me uncomfortable and question the peace in my young reality.  The crickets song created more and more discomfort as I kept my eyes locked on the open window.  My bedroom door was slightly open letting the light from the living room creep in and set upon the window I was so intently watching, when a figure appeared in the window and my eyes locked with his.  I stared without blinking as he spied on me.  He then moved to the left and disappeared from my view. Horrified at the interaction, I was frozen with my eyes still staring where his eyes once were, when he moved back to his original view point and was once again looking in my room.  Still frozen, I knew I somehow had to get to my mom and let her know there was a stranger watching me.  He, once again, moved to the left to look into moms bedroom window and I took this as my queue to get out.  I rolled out of the bed and quickly crawled out of the room to the kitchen where mom was putting dishes away.

I felt such comfort seeing here there.  I told her what was happening and she immediately went into mom mode.  She went into my room and ducked below the window like a lion lying in wait for its prey.  When the predator returned to view its young prey, the lioness attacked.  Mom jumped up and yelled to the peeper to get out of here.  I do not remember the words she yelled, but do remember seeing this scary man, jump straight up in the air and take off.  I felt such relief, mom saved the day and the bad guy was gone.

This is one of the first times I remember my mom being my hero, my savior, my rescuer.  It was the start to what would be a lifetime of heroism and comfort and something I will always be grateful for.

Thank You Mom for always saving me from the bad guy.