It’s a world of laughter a world of tears, it’s a world of hope and a world of fears.  Wait, wait, wait; that is It’s a Small World, not the world I want to talk about today.

Okay, one more time.  Quirky, off beat, irreverent and outright zany; just a few of the words I use to describe the world I live in, most often, by myself.  I was given, what I consider, a very special gift from both my Grandfather and mother, the gift of obscurity.  I see things with an offbeat sense of reality and more often than not find things funny which others see absolutely no humor in at all.  This used to bother me and make me feel different and weird, now I embrace it and love the fact I see things like few others do.  I have the ability to make myself laugh and laugh until I pee my pants or cannot breathe, which makes me laugh harder.  I see the humor in the most odd things and others start laughing, not because they find it funny, but because I am laughing.  That brings me joy.  When another person cannot help it but to laugh, because I am, that is a great moment.  The following story will not be as funny to you as it was to me or the three other people who were there, but I do guarantee this; I will laugh as I write it and will go right back to the moment it happened and feel the whole body laughter that took over me, once again.

The entire trip had been an adventure.  Tonya and I were doing our normal ‘run’ to Disneyland when two of her friends from SWA joined us.  They were only going to go for the day, but after every thing which happened that day, they both knew the only choice was to stay the night and join us in the Magic Kingdom for another round of some of the best laughs they had ever had.

I am going to have to break this story down into several small stories, because the number of hilarious moments would take weeks write, days for you to read and may have every reader laughing so hard their stomach muscles would tighten to the point they could not eat and each would be calling into work due to malnutrition.

Alright, alright back to the story.  We, let me define who we are.  Me, Tonya, Tom and Lisa.  I am going to leave the last names out of the story to protect the innocent and in future stories they may not want anyone in the world to know who they really are.  The four of us were hungry and took a dining break at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland.  The food was good, but not the focus of the story.  Tom, Lisa, Tonya and I were all on the same planet and our senses of humor were operating as one.  Lunch was one laugh after another interrupted occasionally by a bite of pizza or pasta.  I am pretty sure the entire Disney restaurant staff wanted to kick us out because of loud we were.

We finished eating and wanted to head over to New Orlean’s square to take a ride on Pirates or the Haunted Mansion.  I gathered my food items from the table, put them on the tray and carried the tray to the garbage.  The entire time I was focused on my three travel pals laughing and continuing the craziness.  When I arrived to the garbage can, I did what I had done for years when throwing my garbage away in a fast food type container; pushed the door open, put the tray in the door, turned the tray and shook it to get every item off of it, then turned it back upright, took it out of the can and placed it on top.  Normal, right?  You have done it a time or two as well, I know it.

My action was met with a huge outburst of laughter and fingers pointing at what I had just done.  What?  I could not imagine I had done anything wrong, but when I turned to see what was happening I was met by a young faced Disney cleaning staff employee with his jaw on the floor and misty eyes.  Again, what?  I looked down to see the garbage can, which I just dumped my pizza left overs in, including a cup of uncovered marinara sauce, open and the liner pulled out.  Really?  Did I really just do this?  Really?  Yes, yes I did.  I just dumped the tray with the marinara sauce into a garbage can shell.  The poor, poor young mans face said it all.  Lady, it was going to be a busy day here at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port, but now it is going to be busy and messy.  You just dumped marinara sauce all over and I have the pure pleasure of cleaning in up.

I was now near the point of wetting my pants because of laughter and trying my very best to apologize, but not doing such a good job.  How can someone take an apology seriously when the persons saying it is crossing her legs, bending her knees and bouncing up and down with her neck straight back mouth wide open, saying, ‘Iiiiiiii am so so soooo sawweee?’  It is just not possible.  He did however, in Disney style, let me know it was no problem and that it happens all the time.  Did I believe him?  No, his face was not delivering the same message his mouth was, but it is what it is and I did it.

We left the restaurant laughing and laughed all the way through Tomorrowland, Central Plaza, Adventure Land right into the center of New Orlean’s Square.  The laughter did not subside as we continued our adventure, but actually grew stronger.  By the time we were in front of the Rivers of America the entire park was aware of my oops back and Redd Rockett’s and the Disneyland Police had been called.  I was approached by the police and strictly advised that fun was not tolerated in the Magic Kingdom and I, along with my three friends, needed to get things under control immediately or we would be ejected from the park.

That is all she wrote.  I sat down on the ground, right where they talked to me, because I WAS going to pee my pants and if I did not sit right there, it would have happened and another story would be on the docket for this blog.

Tonya, Tom and Lisa.  That is one of my favorite all time trips.  All of the things which happened on that trip are things I will NEVER, EVER forget and will remember with fondness until the day I leave this earth.  Thanks to each of you for making a memory worth writing.  Oh, and you should know, there will be more stories from this trip posted as time moves on.