The idea was perfect from inception.  Our hotel room, normally located on the eighth floor, was on the first this visit, leaving us the perfect entry.  I, being the most innovative of the four of us involved, pulled a chair from our hotel room out the door to the fence.  I guess starting close to the conclusion of this story will leave you, the reader, wondering what happened before the event.  Why did these four crazies do what they did?  What gave them the courage?  So, I am going to go backwards and start just a bit earlier in the day.

Tom and Lisa decided Tonya and I would be fun to go to Disneyland with, so they flew down for the day.  The two of them were having so much fun; they did not want to return home.  Unfortunately both were scheduled to work the next day.  Tonya, having the inside track, called their employer; I am going to leave the employer name out to protect all involved.  Tonya was successful in her call and arranged it so both Tom and Lisa could stay with us another day.  To this point, we had to celebrate, so celebrate we did.


You see, back in the day, T and I would go to DL every May 5th, also known as Cinco de Mayo.  It was a perfect day to visit; very few guests in the park, perfect temperature along with our favorite Mexican Restaurant right next to the hotel. After a day in the park we could go to the Acapulco, have cheese enchiladas a few Margarita’s and Daiquiri’s then retire to our hotel to relax on this fabulous day.

A Past Experience

To help you understand our love for this restaurant let me share a short story with you.  One Cinco de Mayo, Tonya and I were in a back room at the restaurant having our celebratory cocktails and enchilada’s when employees came in and made a table as long as the eye could see.  Clearly a huge party was coming in and T and I were going to get to celebrate with them.  Little did we know, this would really be what happened.  The first few people arrived, sat down and got their cameras out.  Just a minute later a few more people arrived; the people sitting started taking pictures like crazy, snap, snap, snap, smile, smile, smile is all we heard and saw.  The second group sat, after having multiple pictures taken and got their cameras out.  The third group arrived with the first two groups taking pictures as though the new arrivals were incredibly important people who they may never see again.

Tonya and I, not wanting to be left out of the photos, started to raise our glasses and say hello at every arrival of new guests.  We had to order more drinks because of the number of times we had to celebrate the arrival of more guests.  By the time all had arrived, T and I were beyond tipsy and were laughing uncontrollably.  I am sure when the large group of visitors arrived home and developed their film, this was before digital cameras were the norm, they found a number of their photos with two young ladies, a brunette and a red head lifting their glasses to welcome them with huge smiles.  I wish we could see the pictures and what we looked like and I hope the guests saw the humor in it that we did when it happened.

Back to the story…

Tom, Lisa, T and I arrived at the Acapulco and ordered cocktails while we reviewed the menu for what we were going to eat.  We finished our cocktails before we even had a chance to order our food.  So, with our food order also came another drink order, with the drink orders continuing throughout dinner.  By the time we were done, we were at least three sheets to the wind and fast on our way to adding additional sheets.  We were not done celebrating and adjourned to the bar, since the restaurant was closing and they asked us to vacate.  In the bar, we continued on our celebration with more margarita’s and daiquiris.

Let me share this, when I have had a drink, or twenty, I am the friendliest gal you will ever meet.  Today was no different so I made friends with all of the people in the bar.  One of them, an incredibly handsome fella, came to our table to talk and even honored with a group photo.  The three ladies were quite happy to have had our phone with such an attractive man.  I must say, he truly was handsome, our drunken goggles were in perfect focus and when we had the film developed, he was just as we remembered him.  You know the old saying, go to bed at two with a ten and wake up at ten with a two?  That was not the case here, happy to report.

I don’t know if the bar closed, we decided to leave or if we were asked to leave, but regardless, we left.  Important side note: T had recently fallen and broken her elbow, so it had to be wrapped and immobilized the entire trip.  She was on pain meds, but still expressed her discomfort periodically.  On our way back to the hotel, T took the wrap and sling off of her elbow and began waving it around shouting to the world, “I can move it, I can move it.”  Needless to say, she felt that one in the morning.

We arrived back to our hotel and had to walk by the swimming pool.  Of course the pool was closed.  I don’t get it, I am paying to stay in this hotel with my room right outside the pool, I should be able to go in at any time I want.  The hotel, however, did not agree and locked the gate to prevent drunken guests from causing a ruckus at all hours of the night.  So, back to the start of the story, I pulled a chair from our hotel room out the door to the fence.  It was brilliant; I wanted to swim and had to get over the six foot, iron fence the hotel had installed.  I climbed the chair and scaled the fence.  It was just like you see in the movies; break in perfection leaving no trace of any breach.

Lisa and I were the only two who dared invade the closed pool area.  When inside the iron fence, we decided some of our clothes had to come off.  I do not remember what Lisa took off, but do remember that I took off my shoes and shirt.  I left my bra, shorts and socks on.  I then dove in the water.  It was magical; night time across from Disneyland in a pool with my socks on.  Clearly the happiest place on earth had leaked from the walls of DL and made it across the street to the pool area.  Lisa and I were in heaven swimming around.

T or Tom yelled to us from the outside of the fence that the police were here and we were going to be in big trouble.  I would normally have been scared to death considering I had never been in trouble with the law, but this time, I was cool as a cucumber.  I looked towards the head lights, smiled and went under the water.  I swam the length of the pool all under water and had successfully evaded the police.  Haha Mr. Police Ociffer, I fooled you.  He had no idea I was in there at all.  Now, let’s leave the alcohol out of the picture and think about my great escape from the law.  When it is nighttime and there is a light in the water, are you able to see whatever is in the water?  The answer, yes.

I really believed I had evaded the police by being under the water and holding my breath for what I felt was forever.  A sober Steph had to admit, I did not get away with anything and it must not have been police on the prowl for two female pool invaders.  I did however believe it was time to evacuate the pool area and get myself back to safety.  Now, since I used a chair to get in, that is how I figured I had to get back out.  I pulled one of the pool chairs to the fence and stood on it.  This chair was not nearly as easy to climb on, it had rubbery-plastic straps and I found my feet sliding through them.  Eventually I got my feet steady and hoisted myself to the top of the fence.

Here is where my brilliance becomes clear.  Lying on top of the fence with my right leg dangling on the side of the fence I wanted to be on, I let go.  I plunged six feet down landing on the cement on my back.  Apparently the leg I thought I had down to catch me was still up on top of the fence with my other leg.  This left my fate of a great fall sealed when I let go.  T was quick to help me and ask if I was okay.  I laughed, I was fine.  The next day my story was not the same at all, and I was quite bruised and banged up.

Tom, while T was helping me, was trying to help Lisa out of the pool.  She was on the same chair I used to come over the gate, but did not have the courage to get back over.  After getting to my feet, I tried to help coach her on what she needed to do to make it over safely, after all, I made it over in one piece, so I should totally be the one giving instruction. Eventually she made it over and the four of us were all back on the right side of the fence and safe from the law.


This trip still remains one of my all-time favorites.  There were so many things, not included in this story, which happened and that I will remember it forever.  I shared our adventure with many people when I returned home with a great deal of focus on the death defying drop I made from that huge six foot fence.  All was true.  It wasn’t too long after when T and I returned to DL, staying in the same hotel when we learned the truth.  The fence was not six feet tall, it wasn’t even five feet tall.  I am five foot seven and was able to see over the fence easily without having to stand on my toes.  While I now know the fence was not as tall as I had believed, I still tell it that way because it makes my fall all that more dramatic.  Of course, just like this story, I follow up with the fact the fence was not as high and point out that when drunk, things may appear much bigger than they really are.