Escaping Reality

Escaping Today through Memories of Yesterday


S-K-P (escapee)

Stephanie, me, the S-K-P has not had what many would call an incredible life, however has had some pretty entertaining moments.  I love to tell stories and find joy in seeing others laugh at my expense.  It has never been embarrassing to share a story about my doing something absolutely stupid causing some unexpected results.  If it causes laughter in others, it invigorates me and I share more.

I have a fairly subdued life; married, two dogs, a home and full-time job. In my spare time, I dabble with Excel, do artsy stuff, start and finish home improvement projects, geocache and most importantly sleep.  I would like to get my tail end in gear and get outside more; ride my bike, go golfing and play tennis.  I know, just do it Steph, just do it.

In 2006, I had a significant medical event leaving me in a coma.  The prognosis was dim, to put it lightly, leaving me with only a one percent chance of living.  If I did survive I was to be in a vegetative state for the rest of my life.  For some unexplained reason, I not only survived, I recovered.  I beat the odds, re-learned to read, write, walk and take care of myself.  I am not sure why I survived, but I did.  I believe there is a reason for my surviving, but have no idea what it is.  What am I supposed to do?  Am I supposed to impact someone, change a life?  I want to know, but more than likely never will.

My reason for writing this blog is to remember good times and sad, celebrate the life I was given and make others laugh.  I hope you enjoy reading the stories as much I did living them.  Oh, I better let you know now, there may be things you do not agree with or may have been in the gray area when it comes to the law, but I want to tell the stories as they really happened.